Welcome to the FBIE!

The Fighting Blindness in Ethiopia (FBIE) has been established in 2006 with a vision to restore sights for the blind in Ethiopia. This vision is being materialized in the country through availing necessary equipment for eye treatment, training and developing local ophthalmic practitioners, supplying eye medicine for post and pre-operation as well as Supplying all disposable and non-disposable eye instruments and implants.
There has been 12 trips made to Ethiopia where the mission sites were:

2006- Bahirdar     148 pat.
2007- Nekemte      172 pat.
2008- Nekemte      257 pat.
2009- Hosaina      298 pat.
2010- Arba Minch   209 pat.
2011- Dembi Dollo  222 pat.
2011- Dembi Dollo  108 pat.
2012- Lalibella    222 pat.
2012- Dembi Dollo  135 pat.
2013- Fitche       245 pat.
2013- Dembi Dollo   85 pat.
2014- Finote Selam 254 pat.

The service provided great joy for those involved in the service provision as well as to those who were beneficiaries of the free service. Can you imagine the joy  experienced by a person who regains his/her sight?  
For more information, please, visit: http://www.fbie.myewebsite.com/

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